Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dancing Down The Aisle

I <3 Weddings. 
I <3 Brides.
I <3 Marriages.

This was a definite " <3 " Kind of day!
Kenny was to marry his beautiful Becca on a very hot Texas Day. 105 degrees to be exact.
Just a couple of random rain clouds and a few sprinkles to give them good luck...

Both rooms let out giggles, laughter and the faint sound of electronic dance music playing....

This day was all about Celebrating how amazing they are for each other.

The guys wore Patent Leather All Stars.......

The Girls were classically dressed in black with amazing pops of color..

It was my pleasure to get to share the day with the bride and groom & their amazing support system.

Cheers to your new life together!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recent Shoots

Whew! So life has been busy! Busy is good, right?

Here are some of the recent shoots I have done!

The Placemints Promo Shoot

7 month old shoot

Preach & J.Caprice

Dion Senior

Terri & Ryan- OKC

WHEW! I promise to try and keep up now with the blog! Happy Watching.

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Sam] Decatur High School

Every once in a while its like the stars align and everything just seems to work out...and this was DEF the case for Sam's Senior Portrait Session.

Everyone- Meet SAMANTHA! She is beautiful, lovable & smart! I just adore this girl.

What you don't know....the Wind was blowing in gusts of 30 miles/hr! You have to get quite creative with lighting....positioning...and blocking wind when you want to get amazing shots! I think we succeeded!

Sam is full of positive energy and has such an amazing heart. When she showed up on session with Mom, Dad, Lil Bro, Grandma & Grandpa--I knew this wasn't going to be our typical Sr Session. They are a team...a Unit...a Family. When one goes--they all go. I was inspired by the love & silliness they share together. It really brought a fresh feeling to the session and I must say- Sam was glowing the entire time!

in short---this was a Family Thang!

Sam is from Decatur High School. I'm a little partial since that is where I graduated oh so many years ago myself. We had the pleasure of riding together from location to location and getting to know each other. We had some things in common...things most people would never know about either of us...but it definitely made me realize that everyone has a story. My most favorite part of my job?? THE PEOPLE! Everyone has a story and face-- I want to know BOTH.

When Sam graduates she wants to go to school to be a Sonographer.

I wish Sam the best in all her endeavors. She will be successful in everything she puts her mind to.

Congrats and Happy Graduation!


Breast Cancer Awareness is one of Samantha's passions in life. 
Her grandmother is a Breast Cancer Survivor who is celebrating life everyday.
It was a privilege to have her on session and to see the love they share through the generations.
To make a donation or know more of how you can help:

 A special thanks to Dad for helping in the wind! High Five to you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Sunshine

There are definite plus's to being a photographer and having an adorable baby.  I get to capture as many moments for my walls and memories as I wish. Problem is--sometimes he just isn't having it :)

Luckily at 3 months--he is loving it.

I'm so in love with this child. There isn't a minute that goes by that I'm not dreaming of all the things I want for his life. Such a blessing...

Here is my little joy!

Autumn & Ashlyn's Princess Birthday

I love my nieces to pieces... :)

They are the energy and center of our family. I think they probably had the biggest birthday party I've ever been to! Princesses even came to the big day! I was glad to be a part of the day!

love you girls!

Here is a link to the photos from the day! If you had a picture with the princesses--you can Right Click and Download your photo to your computer. Enjoy!

Just look for the folder named Autumn & Ashlyn

-Happy Birthday-


Friday, January 21, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teenage Dream

Yes, I am the mom of a newborn and at the very same time--a teenager! God save me :)

Not really, Madi is a sweet girl and is super helper around the house. It's amazing how much our lives changed adding a baby to the mix! Madi is 13 right now and in the 8th grade battling through mid-terms this week. Lucky for us- it snowed this weekend we were not about to let this chance go by for some great photo ops!

Funny behind the scenes story-- We jump in my GMC Terrain and head off down the road. The snow had stopped by now, but the ground was solid white and I was trying to make sense of what is a road. There is this little park down the road and we were going to pull in and run through the snow to these gorgeous trees in the back of the park. SO, I pull in the park and start gunning the gas....ooops
What we thought was a road was actually dirt....well, mud to be exact.
My tires would not regain traction! So, I kicked in reverse and put one tire on the side walk and one in the mud...and thankfully we managed to get out without having to call Daddy for back up! *sigh*

We were slipping and sliding around in the slush (what we call snow) and it was such a good time. We were laughing and laughing....good times for me and Madi.

And mother nature blessed us with amazing scenery and good memories.

<3 My Madison